Top-of-Funnel Ad Campaign Boosts Brand Awareness

Custom Aquariums

Custom Aquariums is a build-to-order company selling directly to end consumers. Although they do partner with resellers, the company wanted to grow their online presence to attract and convert customers directly.
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Custom Aquariums approached BConnected for help building a digital marketing sales funnel that would turn leads into customers, ultimately increasing sales.

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Our objectives were to increase brand awareness, landing page views, leads, and sales. We put our Cultivate team to work and began with tracking clicks, video views, impressions engagements, leads and more with custom reports created by our team.


The next step was to add original content to be used in the campaign. This included photos, videos, and graphics.


Finally, we created a targeted ad strategy that included where to run the ads, how to run them, and budget expectations.

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After just one month, Custom Aquariums saw real results from their new targeted ad campaign. After one year of partnering with BConnected, company has a comprehensive strategy that is rooted in data. Ads are now targeted to align with business goals and are run consistently, supporting the sales funnel with relevant, timely content that builds brand awareness and draws in business.

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As a Marketing Manager for a small business, BConnected's Cultivate team has been essential in ensuring we consistently run ads aligned with our business goals. In addition, the analytic reports and lead spreadsheets have been very insightful for our sales team and owner. Since Cultivate started managing most of our ads about a year ago, Jacob has been a tremendous help with organizing our strategy, creative needs, copy, and analytics, as we started out testing our target audience and grew our ad strategy from there. The knowledge we've gained from this partnership has helped us boost our brand awareness remarkably - thank you!
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