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BConnected brings your voice online. Our team is agile, innovative, curious, and empathetic – all so we can perfect your social media presence and bring your voice online.
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We stay on top of social media trends so YOU don't have to.
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BConnected will help you bring it online.

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Is social media management taking up too much of your time?
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We will meet you where you are to develop an effective social media strategy that works for your business.

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BConnected’s unique approach

The Problem
You’ve been handed off so many times you have no idea who is in charge of your project.
The Solution
At BConnected, we pair creative professionals directly with organizations to help elevate social media pages directly.
The Problem
You have no clue how social media works.
The Solution
BConnected offers a do-it-all for you solution to social media management so you don't have to keep up with trends, know how it works, develop a strategy, or make time to manage it every day. We'll do it all for you.
The Problem
All social media posts sound the same to you.
The Solution
Our goal is to bring YOUR voice online. We have an in-depth process for getting to know your organization so that we can bring your voice online with authenticity. Your social media will sound like YOU, not like us.
The Problem
You don't want to pay for content you can't keep.
The Solution
That is not a problem at BConnected! ANY content that we create for you, you keep. Forever. No questions asked.
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