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Are you an ambitious and qualified marketing professional? Have a passion for storytelling? Excellent customer relationship skills and the ability to turn ideas and inspiration into effective social media content? We want to hear from you.

The Place for Creative Social Media Jobs
in Appleton, WI

BConnected is a place for creatives. We relish new ways of thinking and breaking molds. Some social media agencies are focused on trends and algorithms and pushing out quantities of content. We’re focused on storytelling to create connections that resonate with people and we believe that quality beats quantity every time.
We all have lives outside of work. We encourage employees to pursue their passion projects – in and out of the office.
Always learning, always reaching, always innovating. That’s BConnected.
We have a full team in place to support you through every project.
You are paid for your time, not based on clicks, shares, or likes. 

Values & Behaviors We Strive For

Our team rallies around the way we approach work and life. These values and behaviors below are what we strive to uphold individually and as a team. If these resonate with you, chances are - you'll jive with us too!
be inspired
& be original
create & collaborate
adapt to build positive & honest relationships
never stop learning
tackle issues head-on
put yourself in others’ shoes
set expectations
highlight victories
do what’s best for the client
keep the macro in mind
systematize micro efforts
focus on faces
& people
do the
right thing
give away
the farm
positive intent
seek first to understand
practice blameless problem solving
be responsive
pay attention
to details

Perks & Benefits

We prioritize caring for our employees. Our top perks and benefits include:

• 401(k)
• Flexible schedule
• Paid time off
• Parental leave
• Medical, Vision and Life Insurance
• Phone and Mileage reimbursement
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Why People Love Working at BConnected

You can ask any one of our team members why they personally like working at BConnected, but here are the top four reasons our employees love it:
the flexibility
ongoing leadership & creative education
the team-oriented culture
being able to tell the stories within our community

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